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As we move into a digital enterprise, organizations struggle to understand and control their data environments. With thousands of applications and services scattered across endless providers, you need a clear and comprehensive view into your IT landscape. 

Exploding data growth and indiscriminate backups can strain overburdened IT resources without metrics and usage visibility across complex IT environments. Veritas IT Analytics provides users transparency into everything with predictive analytics software for storage, virtual infrastructures and multi-vendor backups.

Optimize storage and minimize costs

Veritas is the only IT analytics platform to offer unified insights through a single pane of glass in both on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Item-level metadata visibility enables organizations to make data-driven decisions on what data they should keep and how it should be protected.

The IT Analytics storage console helps organizations reduce complexity, proactively manage storage, and optimize performance by providing:

  • Accurate capacity planning for future needs.
  • Effective capacity management of current storage resources both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • "Easy Buttons" that provide essential information on where resources are used effectively and where they are misused.

According to the ESG Economic Validation Report, Veritas' solution can deliver:

  • 90% reduction in IT management software costs
  • 28% reduction in consumed IT resources
  • 24% reduction in consumed storage resources
  • 5% reduction in consumed compute resources

Discover and locate anomalies to protect against ransomware attacks

When it comes to ransomware, every second matters. We know the ransomware threat is real and it penetrates deep down to the file level. Veritas IT Analytics can help identify files that are affected by ransomware along with the host name, size, location, and owner of those files. In addition, Veritas IT Analytics lets you specify the geographic location of your hosts, which can be coupled with the affected files to determine where they reside. This level of visibility enables you to eliminate corrupt files from your backups before they enter your primary data center and determine the risky owners who might be unknowingly exposing your environment to ransomware threats.

With the correlated environmental insights of Veritas IT Analytics—on-premises, in the cloud, data protection and storage—you'll have the insights needed to make informed decisions in the face of an attack. 

  • Identifying False Positives – Create a baseline of known successful backups and compare future backups to the discovered baseline. Spot false positives like job duration variations, image size variations and policy/configuration changes.
  • Discover Hosts and Backups – Discover all hosts from your infrastructure and automatically compare all discovered hosts with the hosts known by the backup software.
  • Classify Data – Ability to classify backups by application and importance to your business. Know what infrastructure resources  encompass each application.

Mitigate risks to meet service level agreements (SLAs)

Preventing unplanned outages requires tracking and trending all data to monitor consumption trends over time. Veritas' IT Analytics solution protects data through preemptive safeguarding procedures. By addressing the infrastructure risk for backup, recovery, and storage operations, Veritas' solution prevents downtime for critical applications and potential loss of critical data. 

Risk assessment dashboards and reports available in Veritas IT Analytics include: 

  • Risk Mitigation Analysis – Displays an interactive chart of risk categories, identifying opportunities for risk mitigation.
  • Risk Mitigation Trends – Displays risk mitigation trends over time, allowing administrators to uncover risk-prone areas and assess areas within the enterprise that may be at risk of failing. Users can configure rules to isolate specific conditions relevant for their environment.
  • Dashboards and Alerts – Includes out-of-the-box ransomware and risk assessment dashboards, plus alerts.

"With Veritas IT Analytics, our Public Sector customers have been able to streamline their backup reporting processes, freeing up time for root-cause analysis. Our solution has also allowed them to more easily demonstrate compliance to internal and external auditors," says Mike Malaret, Technical Director, Federal at Veritas.

Streamline backup compliance

Meeting backup compliance and corporate SLAs require accurate and actionable insights to streamline the auditing process and ensure system recoverability. Veritas IT Analytics provides insights that reduce data protection complexity and mitigate policy conflicts and human error. It automatically collects backup and data protection events, allowing access by internal and external auditors whenever it's required or on demand. 

Instantly view successful, partial, or failed backups and get the insights needed to solve damaging backup risks such as: 

  • Unprotected data discovery – Reduce the exposure of unprotected data by automatically identifying clients and data sets that aren't protected under a backup policy.
  • Suspect backup identification – Eliminate "false positives" by identifying partial or failed backups reported as successful by the backup software.

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