WWT's iOS 10 and Cisco Webex Teams Custom App Demo Puts Health Data in the Hands of Patients

WWT has created Patient Central, a demo app that improves healthcare workflows for more robust patient data and personalized treatment.

WWT, Cisco and Apple created an app to give patients access, insight and ownership of their health data.

Apple and Cisco partnered to create the very best app and voice experience for iPhone and iPad on corporate networks. WWT set out to showcase how the combination of Cisco Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark) and iOS 10 can improve the lives of patients and jobs of caregivers.

Watch this video to see a demonstration of Patient Central.

Better health data means better decisions

Patient Central is a demo app built on the premise that patients should have ownership over their health data. When patients download Patient Central on their iPhone or iPad, they’re presented with personal care reminders and notifications to record their daily health such as mood and pain levels. This data extends to Apple Watch functionality by tracking heart rate and steps taken on a given day. It also collects and correlates other sources of health data such as those from glucose monitors.

Electronic health records (EHRs) contain data from visits to the hospital, but this is a small percentage of a patient’s overall health history. Bringing real-time data points and EHRs into a single platform paints a complete and customizable health picture for doctors, nurses and patients.

Patients and providers can communicate through the Patient Center app and access information together.

But the collection and correlation of health data is only part of Patient Central. In today’s healthcare market, hospitals need to build patient loyalty and offer more personalized healthcare experiences.

From Patient Central, patients and doctors can launch audio or video calls natively on their iPhones or iPads through Cisco Webex Teams. With Teams working behind the scenes, patients and doctors can also view health records while talking. This level of personalized interaction becomes even easier as users of Patient Central can use Siri to initiate a Webex call.

We believe Patient Central is key for healthcare professionals to extract and supplement EHR data for actionable treatment plans as well as build personal relationships with patients through frequent and seamless communication.

The technology behind Patient Central

Patient Central leverages CareKit and ResearchKit which are open source frameworks that allow developers to build apps that draw data from many sources, providing a more customized view of personal health information. HealthKit, the API behind the Health app on iPhone, allows the application – with user permission – to consolidate information from connected devices through health apps on mobile devices.

In this manner, health statistics like heart rate, blood glucose levels and weight can be directly shared and correlated to general population health through tailored ResearchKit studies. Users decide what information they want to share and always have access to that data. SiriKit and Apple Pencil capabilities were also applied to provide speech calling and natural writing capabilities within Patient Central.

View of some of the statistics and actions available

WWT leveraged the Cisco Webex Teams Cloud as an infrastructure to support real-time audio and video collaboration between patients and caregivers as well as CallKit to give users a familiar calling experience.  A single login method was created so the user is authenticated through the application and then granted access to Cisco Webex Teams calling capabilities via a token exchange. Patient Central provides an easy to use interface for contacting care team members, and users can dial directly in the app by invoking Siri commands.

Patient Central was designed to show new ways healthcare providers and patients using iPhone and iPad can communicate more effectively with Cisco Webex Teams. Additional use cases could include home health care, virtual care, collaborative research studies, virtual observation and clinical peer reviews.

Any healthcare service can benefit from increased collaboration and data sharing with Patient Central’s workflow featuring Cisco Webex Teams.

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