In an emergency event, notifying those impacted as quickly as possible provides critical seconds for everyone to be prepared, take action, avoid harm, and potentially save lives. A purposefully designed and implemented mass notification solution ensures that everyone quickly receives the designated notification given the situation to ensure timely and accurate information.

We have worked with many leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and software companies to implement emergency mass notification solutions that will inform personnel in a specific building, across a campus or in any geographic location, whenever it is needed.

Utilizing the many available notification options, we can help customize a notification event that ranges from a simple district or campus update about a non-emergency event to a complex, system-wide automated notification about crisis situations with instructions for action. 

Notifications can be easily integrated with public address systems (voice announcements), access control, digital signage, desktop computers, smartphones, desktop phones, visual strobes, and more. Integrations also work with panic buttons (both wearable and at designated locations), softkey buttons on telephones, smartphone applications and other methods integral to your organization's safety needs.

Additionally, by integrating with the National Weather Service notifications, we can provide a geographic coverage area that will deliver immediate alerts and instructions when a significant weather event such as a tornado warning is issued.

Your current safety plans, reunification plans, incident plans, building maps, security camera access, and any other required documentation can be easily added to notification templates organized by incident type. By implementing a fully integrated solution with these templates, first responders, administrators, and anyone else needing immediate information about your organization's requirements and plans will have access to in-the-moment information. These notifications can be pre-recorded, ad-hoc, and automated as well as integrated with text messaging to provide a robust notification solution.

Every institution's implementation will be unique due to local, state and national policies, so it's important to evaluate solutions with flexibility in mind. You need to be able to adapt to new requirements to meet ever-changing state and federal regulatory changes.

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