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While Eaton has long been recognized for its industry-leading power protection solutions, data center cooling was an area in which historically, we didn't play. However, as a result of the Tripp Lite acquisition, we've now incorporated a full line of innovative cooling solutions specifically designed for small data centers and edge sites ― and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Generative AI: generating greater need

With generative AI turning up the heat on power requirements, the need for incremental cooling next to equipment racks will simultaneously become a necessity. The accelerated processing performance of generative AI infrastructure is sparking an upsurge in power consumption ― not only increasing the need for larger uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) and power distribution units (PDUs), but supplemental cooling, as well.  

With an extensive range of cooling solutions for mission-critical applications ― including in-row and top-of-rack lines, as well as containment ― Eaton now enables you to assemble a complete power and physical infrastructure for these and other micro data centers. For partners with a power practice, this cooling line extension is coming at the ideal moment to capture the growth of the budding generative AI market. As a growing number of customers seek to deploy on-premise generative AI systems for confidentiality, sovereignty or security reasons, PowerAdvantage partners now have access to Eaton's one-stop shop for racks, cooling, UPSs, rack PDUs, KVMs, and all of the necessary connectivity and power management software.

Demand has never been hotter

Our IT-grade cooling solutions, which lower energy costs and increase the lifespan of IT equipment, include in-row precision cooling solutions for data centers and rack-mounted air conditioners for IT closets and edge micro data centers. Ideal for a variety of applications including server rooms, small to medium-sized data centers, edge computing data centers and other high-density zones, Eaton cooling solutions deliver primary, dedicated air conditioning for IT spaces and high-density racks. 
Meanwhile, our rack-mounted cooling systems are ideal for applications such as server and networking rack enclosures, edge racks and micro data centers. Because on-premise AI solutions represent the most power-hungry systems found in a data center, providing additional cooling close to the equipment is the most efficient way to handle this potential hot spot.

One recent example of Eaton's expanded capabilities is the reference architectures we built in partnership with Dell for its new Helix server line of generative AI systems. Our solution for LLM training systems consists of three racks and four in-row cooling systems, while a second solution for inference systems encompasses two racks and two in-row cooling systems. These MDCs are powered by large three-phase UPSs of 120 kW and 60 kW respectively.

Don't sweat it — we can help

As high-power-density generative AI systems create more heat than can be dissipated by traditional room cooling systems, customers will increasingly be seeking to deploy supplemental cooling solutions. Now is the time to ensure that your customers are aware of your ability to supply a broad range of cooling solutions. The infrastructure needed for generative AI systems requires careful design and expertise. As always, Eaton pre-sales support teams are available to help you build these new capabilities and take advantage of incremental revenue and margin opportunities.

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