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While it's always important to focus on your top users, this strategy becomes a key path to success in a downturn market. In this webinar series from Amplitude and WWT, we look at a new way to measure the key actions that top customers take, how to enrich the value of those customers and how to attract more of them.

WWT's own Director of Digital Growth, Noah Rosenberg, joins Amplitude Principal Product Manager Mike Ottavi-Brannon and Amplitude Product Manager Nate Franklin as they discuss the concept of user milestones -- those core user activities that require a handful of repetitions before they indicate success.

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You'll learn how a major sandwich chain used milestones to measure the impact of a successful promotion and is still generating value from the new customers it attracted. You'll also discover how grocery retailers can use milestones to monitor and drive core business outcomes that were previously difficult to instrument.

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