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Condition-based maintenance is the ability to diagnose specific problems and monitor the health of a piece of equipment before failure of that asset. Condition-based maintenance has been prominent in the utilities industry for years but has recently transcended into other industries including manufacturing, oil and gas.

A crucial part to condition-based maintenance is data collecting, which provides further visibility into machine operating systems and shows companies where modifications are needed. That's where WWT comes in. WWT worked with Ameren to gather and compile data, providing them with further insight into the diagnosis of their equipment problems, and giving them the ability to improve both capability and functionality. Through the testing conducted by WWT, Ameren was able to view their machine data under a lens and find correlations between systems errors and performance, ultimately providing clarity for any necessary equipment modification.

Listen to "Condition-based Maintenance," a 17-minute (or so) episode of our TEC17 Podcast series to hear WWT technical solutions architect Chandler Heath and Lorne Poindexter from the Ameran corporate innovation team discuss what exactly condition-based maintenance is, how data collecting can be used, and why it can be crucial to the health of your equipment and business overall.

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  • Chandler Heath WWT Technical Solutions Architect, IoT & Big Data
  • Lorne Poindexter– Maintenance Manager, I&C at Ameren Missouri Callaway Energy Center