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In recent years, federal agencies have made a concerted effort to adapt their workforce to "high-value" work with the federal government, specifically citing the use of robotic process automation (RPA) and other technologies to reduce errors, improve compliance and eliminate repetitive administrative tasks, freeing up workers to perform more high-value work.

Government agencies are adopting RPA at a rapid pace with positive and direct mission-impact. Numerous federal agencies use RPA to automate tasks of varying complexity across multiple functional areas including finance, acquisition, IT, human resources, mission organizations, security and mission assurance. Popular uses of RPA include data entry, data reconciliation, spreadsheet manipulation, systems integration, automated data reporting, analytics and customer outreach and communications. 

RPA is changing how government works—and in turn, RPA continues to receive strong federal acceptance. Earlier this year, the Federal RPA Community of Practice released an RPA Playbook cataloging automation best practices in a way that government agencies new to RPA could use to accelerate the adoption of RPA. 

Automation first with WWT & UiPath 

Automation first is more than a mantra—it is where you want to be. And RPA is a great way to get there.

WWT has partnered with UiPath to develop and implement RPA solutions to meet these evolving uses, bringing together two industry leaders in integration and in automation to extend capabilities of the public sector workforce and demonstrate the value of automation programs to the federal government.

UiPath is an enterprise RPA solution that supports the government's current "automation first" efforts from identification, through implementation, to demonstrable results. WWT leverages the UiPath platform to deliver industry-leading automation to help federal agencies reach their full potential with digital technology that is economical, ethical, and transparent.

By choosing the WWT UiPath RPA solution, organizations team up with industry leaders dedicated to providing the best possible hyper-automation platform and support. WWT is a UiPath Level-3 Volume Partner with trained and certified resources producing results for mission-critical applications in unique environments, including DoD and civilian agencies.

WWT-UiPath RPA solution capabilities 

Among the benefits of WWT's UiPath solution are:

  • Proven Performance: More than 9,000 UiPath customers, including 76 DoD and Civilian agencies.
  • Faster ROI: An RPA platform that can demonstrate ROI in weeks to months and provides a governance model that prioritizes automation.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Integrated AI/ML capability or interface with existing platforms for a smarter automated workforce.
  • Trusted Counselor: Guidance and support for stand up of a Robotics Operations Center.

Learn more about WWT-UiPath RPA solution capabilities: 

For more information, view the solution brief on the WWT Public Sector RPA Strategy.