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Banking and financial services organizations are under pressure to rapidly modernize, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and introduce new levels of innovation to stay ahead of the competition. However, digital transformation can be challenging for organizations facing growing volumes of data with inadequate data management capabilities, legacy architectures, and a risk-averse approach to change. 

To unlock their wealth of data, financial services organizations must ensure secure, enterprise-wide access to that data. The key is breaking down silos and implementing cost-effective and efficient data storage solutions which in turn guarantee data security and compliance. 

WWT's Advanced Technology Center (ATC) provides a digital platform to test and evaluate different technologies for financial services organizations. The ATC combines consultancy, workshops, and methodologies to simplify and accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies. Through its partnership with Pure Storage, banks and financial services organizations gain access to testing tools that empower users to assess, demonstrate, and deploy data management solutions to leverage advanced technologies cost-effectively and efficiently, with a convenient on-demand approach.

Today's Data Solutions for the Financial Services of Tomorrow