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Traditional security models centered around fixed perimeters and centralized data centers have become inadequate as users are everywhere and applications can be anywhere. Threats have become more sophisticated and operational demands have evolved, and our security architectures must too. Secure Service Edge (SSE) and Zero Trust frameworks are not just responses to these changes—they are essential strategies for protecting an enterprise organization's dispersed applications and scattered workforce in this new chapter of enterprise IT. 

Users and Applications: No Longer Confined

Users are everywhere and apps, once centralized, are now scattered across diverse platforms—from the cloud to on-premises setups and Software as a Service (SaaS) models, such as Office 365. Flexibility and scalability issues and increased complexity in security management are just some of the resulting challenges for traditional centralized architectures. 

IT leaders are finding the traditional architectural approach to be increasingly cumbersome and are looking to prioritize flexibility to ensure secure, seamless connections between users and apps no matter where they are. It has become apparent that it's time for the technology to adapt to the changed dynamics of how and where people work.

Challenging the Status Quo

The decentralization of user and apps requires a fundamental shift in security architectures to support seamless and secure connectivity across diverse environments. The notion that your user traffic is traversing your network to reach your applications is not the reality any longer. Connections almost certainly happen between users and apps on networks you don't own. So having visibility of those connections and user experiences becomes critical and also incredibly challenging. The architecture must evolve to connect users and apps securely, irrespective of location. What's more, flexibility and seamless connectivity are non-negotiables in this new paradigm. This is one of those scenarios where one needs to rethink the whole. An architectural shift is the answer for a lot of enterprise organizations. This need for both flexibility and seamless connectivity is compelling more and more enterprise organizations to explore innovative security paradigms such as Secure Service Edge (SSE) and Zero Trust Security, which both offer holistic approaches to securing and connecting users to applications in decentralized environments.

The Value Proposition of a Zscaler Solution

Zscaler stands out as a leading cloud-based security platform because of its practical value in real-world applications.

Its Zero Trust architecture, which requires strict verification for every user and device, enhances security​​. The platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, providing advanced threat detection and system efficiency​. What's more, as a cloud-native solution, Zscaler ensures secure and scalable connections for a global workforce, eliminating the need for traditional network constraints​. Its extensive global cloud infrastructure applies consistent security policies worldwide, supporting the largest enterprise organizations. Zscaler also offers a comprehensive suite of integrated security services, simplifying the management of multiple security protocols in one platform​​. In addition, the capabilities of the Zscaler platform are constantly evolving and are significantly more extensive than those of most of its competitors. 

Zscaler Minimizes Toil Work by Streamlining & Automating

Efficiently managing scarce IT resources is as important today as it ever was. A benefit of Zscaler is the considerable amount of time it frees up for your people. The platform eliminates repetitive and time-consuming toil work, such as patching firewalls and upgrading multiple toolsets. Zscaler manages these tasks in the cloud, allowing security teams to focus on strategic activities, such as monitoring emerging threats and enhancing overall security postures. By adopting Zscaler, an organization not only streamlines its technological approach, it also maximize the value of its IT talent.

Zscaler Lowers TCO

Another significant benefit of Zscaler is the consolidation of numerous security tools into a single platform, dramatically lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) over time. By training staff on one comprehensive platform instead of multiple disparate toolsets, organizations can streamline operations and potentially achieve more favorable negotiation terms with a single vendor.

Zscaler's VDI Replacement Value

In addition to tool consolidation, Zscaler is demonstrating value in VDI replacement at a time when many organizations are moving away from traditional VDI environments—which are often viewed as legacy systems. The shift is partly driven by the need for more modern, flexible solutions like those offered by Zscaler, including remote browser isolation and secure browsing capabilities. These features provide a VDI-like experience but with enhanced security and lower complexity. This transition is increasingly relevant as organizations seek alternatives to traditional VDI, which may no longer meet the evolving needs of their dynamic IT environments.


At WWT, we take an agnostic approach to solutions and encourage our clients to leverage our resources and strategic insights to navigate complex transformations thoughtfully and effectively. 

Despite all the buzz around Zero Trust security, it is a practical way to significantly enhance your organization's security posture—one of the most effective features being a cloud-adjacent security proxy. Adopting Zscaler's solutions offers a substantial advancement toward achieving Zero Trust security. Though the path to Zero Trust is not without its challenges, starting with SSE architecture will position an enterprise on a solid foundation. 

With that said, implementing Zscaler is not just about setting up a single product. Rather, it represents a profound change that impacts an organization's entire IT ecosystem. It isn't confined to just one aspect of technology—it influences network architecture, security architecture, cloud architecture, and fundamentally alters your approach the user experience. 

A comprehensive change such as this underscores the importance of a partner such as WWT—one with deep expertise across the entire spectrum of architectural domains, including artificial AI. We offer a deep and wide architectural perspectives to help you anticipate and manage all the impacts on your network and cloud architectures, etc. 

WWT's State-of-the-art Advanced Technology Center (ATC)

Besides our workshops and expert insights, WWT offers its Advanced Technology Center (ATC), a world-class simulator center that enhances decision-making and accelerates the deployment of new technologies. The ATC is able to stand up extraordinarily complex environments to let clients rapidly evaluate a platform such as Zscaler and see for themselves exactly what it's going to do once deployed. This controlled environment simulates your environment so you can evaluate and experience the full capabilities of the Zscaler platform in your environment. 

The benefits of implementing Zscaler with the help of WWT experts and the ATC are evidenced in one recent success story, where a global bank was able to rapidly evaluate and deploy Zscaler using the ATC as a starting point. This project that could have taken years to validate and implement was completed within six months. WWT's Zero Trust and Integration labs are two popular testing facilities that can replicate and test client environments to provide important insights into how Zscaler works within your environments. 

Demonstrated Success with WWT & Zscaler

The powerful symbiotic partnership between WWT and Zscaler leverages both the great depth of WWT's architectural expertise and Zscaler's highly advanced robust security solutions. Together, we bring stability, reliability, and scalability at the highest levels of excellence to meet the most discerning clients, from global banks to government entities and well-known consumer brands and beyond. 

WWT is confident in introducing Zscaler to our clients based on its history of success. 

Zscaler is distinguished by its extensive experience managing the security needs of the largest organizations globally, including Fortune 500 companies, large federal agencies, and major global service providers, and the like. Zscaler meets the highest standards of excellence and is a valuable partner in WWT's efforts to deliver comprehensive security solutions.

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