In addition to providing colocation and connectivity options, Carrier Neutral Facilities can also offer other services like storage, high-performance bare metal compute, virtualized network functions (VNF), network services and many others. 

There are many benefits that a Carrier Neutral Facility can provide to their customers, including the following:

Global Reach - Carrier Neutral Facilities can provide access to data centers and services in many metros around the world, providing an agile way to deploy network components, connectivity and services closer to your users and resources. 

Added Flexibility - Access to a large ecosystem of service providers and offerings gives you the freedom to select and modify services and vendors as needed to meet your business needs.

Cost-Effective Connections - Healthy competition between service providers and vendors inside a Carrier Neutral Data Center translates to more competitive pricing options than at Carrier Specific Data Centers. 

Agile Deployments - Bare metal compute and VNF options can help you to deploy virtual network devices across many metros around the world in a matter of minutes. This capability combined with on-demand connections would allow you to support expansion strategies in growth markets. 

Increased Performance - Enjoy the benefits and reliability of low-latency private networks to connect between your CNFs data centers, cloud environments and other locations and services. 

If you would like to learn more about Carrier Neutral Facilities, WWT offers several workshops and engagements that can help you get a clear picture of your options. Engage your local account team to find out more.