This article was written by Donna Namorato at Commvault


The trend toward remote employment, coupled with inconsistencies in data security, access, and control across multiple environments, is leading to an increased risk of data breaches, data leakage, and unauthorized data access. This, combined with constantly evolving data types and distributed workloads, leads to multigenerational data sprawl that further compounds business risks. One in three organizations report having been successfully hit more than once by a ransomware attack, making ransomware both a significant and recurring source of business disruption.1

A Cybersecurity Framework

Organizations are adopting multilayered security frameworks to deal with these vulnerabilities – an approach that offers the best blueprint for protecting against and recovering from ransomware attacks. Commvault's multilayered security framework is built on zero trust principles and follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework standards and best practices to address these five areas: Identify, Protect, Monitor, Respond, and Recover. Attention to these pillars can aid your organization in developing a comprehensive risk management strategy.


Essential Security Layers of Protection and Recovery with Commvault

A multilayered security framework is important for data security because it provides several defenses to cover data security gaps that may exist within your infrastructure. It is the best approach to protect and recover from ransomware attacks.  Commvault has built these security capabilities into data protection software and policies.

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At Commvault, we believe a multilayered framework is a way to prepare you for anything your data is facing. Please take our free risk assessment to learn how prepared your organization is to protect and recover from ransomware.

1ESG: The Long Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness, June 2022