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The proliferation and diversity of IoT devices, shadow devices, and unknown device behavior creates a significant blind spot for enterprises as they struggle to gain even basic visibility into the IoT devices on their network and the risks they may pose to the business. The vast majority of these devices were never designed with security in mind—they have weak encryption, are difficult to patch or update, and are unable to host traditional agents. That leaves organizations in the precarious position of being vulnerable to attack.

Securing IoT devices begins with knowing what devices are connected to your network and what those devices are doing. Unfortunately, traditional security approaches introduce obstacles that make identifying, classifying, and securing IoT devices a challenge, including:

  • Traditional approaches require manual and scheduled processes that can only provide a snapshot in time
  • Admins must juggle between different tools gathering fragmented information in an attempt to piece together a complete view
  • Active scanning techniques for device discovery often lead to service disruptions
  • Alternative approaches require increasing administrative overhead to install and manage sensors to collect data passively

Zscaler IoT Device Visibility provides a complete view of all IoT devices, servers, and unmanaged user devices across your organization. Automated discovery of IoT devices, continuous monitoring, and AI/ML classification eliminate blind spots to provide a complete picture of your IoT landscape and reduce administrative burden. It enables organizations to implement IoT across the business to increase productivity and business agility with the confidence of knowing that their devices are secure.

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