Artificial Intelligence R&D

What We Do

The AI R&D program at WWT is an applied research initiative focused on investigating the one to three-year horizon of the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) space. The program develops and conducts internal projects grounded in WWT's deep understanding of industry use cases.

Our people

AI R&D is an initiative formed by WWT individuals interested in the future of AI and ML. It functions as a rotational program with an Operations team and an R&D Working team composed of data scientists, data engineers and application engineers.

Our platform

Our AI R&D platform is a cloud-based containerized environment that gives us the extensibility and elasticity to develop, build and test AI/ML solutions. The platform's flexible architecture optimizes network and storage, while GPU-enabled devices provide the technical capabilities for algorithm training. ML infrastructure tools are deployed on top of the AI R&D platform to streamline workflows and automate the productionalization of projects from dataset to deployment.

Our projects

All AI R&D projects — which are developed, funded and conducted internally — are geared toward applied research that unearths scientific discoveries in the AI/ML space that are innovative, solve problems and have potential commercial application. Industry use cases and datasets — from mining, motorsports, utilities and more — power our AI R&D work.

Our output

The goal of WWT's AI R&D program is to produce reusable platform, workflow and algorithm components that can be leveraged for future AI/ML project work or as demos in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). All projects result in a white papers made accessible to our customers and the wider AI community. Explore our latest findings below.

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