Agile Assessment

160 hours
IT leaders face similar challenges, regardless of industry or organizational size. Not only is IT expected to deliver table-stake services to support the business, but IT is increasingly counted on to deliver predictable and measurable business value as well. Without the right processes in place, this dynamic can quickly overextend an IT organization's ability to deliver on commitments, further eroding trust and straining relationships with stakeholders. WWT's Agile Assessment is a cost-effective way to benchmark the effectiveness of an organization's software development processes. Our experts will work with you to create a high-impact roadmap for improvement that helps IT regain control and maximize its value to the business.

What to Expect

WWT will engage your teams in self-evaluation activities that expand and improve on how they approach their work.

  • Visualize your current agile adoption roadmap
  • Align on business goals, strategy and priorities, as well as on technical landscape, roadmap and priorities
  • Understand your teams' level of software craftsmanship, as well as your organization's technical debt and code agility
  • Identify architecture and system design constraints that inhibit agility
  • Uncover explicit and implicit risks at all organizational levels
  • Develop a roadmap to improve and enable agile practices across the organization to accelerate the delivery of business value


A final report will provide recommendations for improving your development, portfolio and organizational practices to accelerate business value delivery and the adoption of agile frameworks.

Recommended changes may include tools, architecture, training, leadership, development practices, consulting, coaching, organizational structure and investment strategy.

Goals & Objectives

Our state-of-the-art assessment is based on 20+ years of agile development and transformation experience, plus current industry best practices. Together with your leadership and teams, we construct an objective view of your current state of agile adoption.


Leadership will gain alignment through an actionable improvement roadmap that enables the IT organization to:

  • Solidify its ability to consistently deliver business value
  • Regain the ability to deliver on commitments
  • Accelerate how quickly it can respond to market and stakeholder demands
  • Delight users with high-quality solutions
  • Foster alignment between IT and business stakeholders

What's next?

Learn more about Software Development, stay up-to-date with the industry and the new technology we have at WWT.