Cloud Marketplace Assessment

2 hours
It has become increasingly critical for IT organizations to contract their cloud commitment contracts with public cloud service providers in more a predictable and measurable way. Without the right processes in place, IT's ability to deliver on its cloud consumption commitments can be quickly overextended. WWT's Cloud Marketplace Assessment is a cost-effective way to optimize your software procurement processes.

What to Expect

Our cloud marketplace and optimization experts will work with you to create a high-impact roadmap for marketplace transactions that helps IT regain control and maximize value to the business while meeting your organization's cloud commitments.


WWT will engage your teams in self-evaluation activities that expand and improve on how you roadmap future cloud software purchases and leverage current or future cloud commitments:

  • Visualize your current cloud marketplace roadmap and maturity
  • Align business goals, strategy and priorities surrounding current or upcoming cloud commits
  • Identify current ISV partners that qualify for private offer marketplace transactions
  • Identify on-premises solutions that may benefit from cloud migration
  • Develop a roadmap to improve and enable agile practices that accelerate the delivery of business value

Goals & Objectives

A final report will provide recommendations for improving the retirement of current or future cloud commitments, a portfolio of what ISVs are private offer-enabled, potential service credits offered from hyperscalers for transacting via private offers, and possible tools to accelerate business value delivery and the adoption of agile frameworks. Recommended changes may include tools, architecture, training, development practices, consulting, coaching and marketplace strategy.


Leadership will gain alignment through an actionable improvement roadmap that enables IT to:

  • Solidify its ability to consistently deliver business value
  • Regain the ability to deliver on and retire current cloud commits
  • Negotiate achievable upcoming cloud commits
  • Accelerate how quickly it can respond to market and stakeholder demands
  • Consumption savings by right-sizing cloud commits
  • Cloud optimization and FinOps guidance


What's next?

Learn more about Cloud Optimization, stay up-to-date with the industry and the new technology we have at WWT.