Contact Center Migration Assessment

The Contact Center Migration Assessment is a comprehensive consulting engagement designed to help organizations prepare for the adoption of their new Contact Center Platform. The objective of this assessment is to identify and validate all relevant business requirements, and operational processes associated with the organization's contact center operations. By comparing the identified functionality with the platform's delivery approach, this assessment will provide all the necessary business, functional, and operational requirements to deliver the desired functionality. Upon completion, this assessment will facilitate a seamless transition to the implementation team, ensuring a smooth handover. Those challenges include: Assuring the new platform's implementation is delivered on time with all the requested and required features. What function and feature gaps are obstacles to achieving expectations? Assuring your organization's cloud adoption strategy in line with the needs of your customers and employees when it comes to engagement?

What to Expect

What to Expect:   

At WWT, we understand that every organization has unique needs when it comes to its people, processes, and technology. That's why we conduct a thorough assessment of your current people, process, and technology landscape to better understand your specific requirements. Our team will evaluate the usage and future needs of various applications within your organization, including multi-channel contact routing, self-service options, artificial intelligence capabilities, user desktops, computer telephony integration, quality management tools, workforce management solutions, as well as analytics and reporting capabilities. 

  • We consider your contact center's effectiveness from a comprehensive lens across tactical and strategic aspects.
  • Document business requirements and identified pain points against the in-place technology and expected platform implementation.
  • Enable the IT team to understand if mitigations are achieved through new technology, updates in processes, or through training and communications.
  • Align and work with a select stakeholder set we also ensure that the business needs have been voiced and that the overall solution meets IT and business requirements.

Goals & Objectives

What is a Contact Center Migration Assessment?   

Goals and Objectives:  

  • Understand key business objectives and targeted business outcomes.
  • Evaluate metrics, dashboards and reports.
  • Identify process improvement opportunities.
  • Create roadmap and recommendations for success for one or multiple applications.

 Deliverables include:  

  • Recommendations Roadmap that details how to optimize current tools and prioritize future solutions capabilities. This roadmap can be used to drive internal alignment and show linkage to desired business outcomes. 
  • Knowledge Transfer of solution requirements to service delivery team.

Who should attend? 

CX and Contact Center Leaders, Chief Experience Officers (CXO), CIOs, CTOs, COOs, IT VPs, and Marketing and Line of Business Owners. Anyone with a material interest and responsibility for delivering digital innovation in the realm of customer engagement and contact center operations to implement customer experience that exceed expectations. 




Establish and document all business requirements for the customer engagement platform and provide a launching pad for future functional features and capabilities.   

Improve performance: Internal operational metrics, customer engagement performance, and employee engagement.