Contact Center Supportive Technologies Assessment

WWT assesses the client's current state people, process and technology in specific areas to help our client better leverage applications and improve key performance indicators. The WWT Contact Center Advisory Team evaluates a client's use of applications including Workforce Management, Quality Management and Reporting Platforms to ensure it is maximizing the capabilities and driving success. The result is a roadmap and adoption services/training to succeed in these solutions and support continuous improvement.

What to Expect

WWT Contact Center Advisory and Service Team works with the operations and IT Teams to evaluate current state functionality, define gaps to drive business outcomes and recommend ways to close gaps and optimize solutions across three work streams.  These engagements are targeting key opportunity areas to improve workstreams and processes around Workforce Management, Quality Management, Reporting and Analytics impacting Customer Service Engagement.

Assessment length is four weeks (per application or solution – e.g. WFM, QM, Reporting)

  • Creates customized use case recommendations for a specific solution.
  • Delivers a role-based training model for specific users (e.g., forecasting/scheduling, analytics, and reporting teams).
  • Addresses gaps in knowledge and potential opportunity savings by application.


Customer operations teams are constantly working to solve specific challenges to drive quality experience, customer satisfaction and meeting their service level goals.

Those challenges include:

  • Workforce Management - Having the right people scheduled at the right time to answer their calls, emails and chats in a timely manner. Reduced wait time and higher service levels drive customer satisfaction and reduced effort.
  • Quality Management – Supervisors, Managers and Customers are always evaluating the performance of their agents – the voice of the company to the customer. If this experience is excellent, it drives increased customer value, additional sales, and a growing customer base.
  • Measuring Success and Customer Analytics – Understanding, measuring and driving actionable results in the contact center is only as good as how you can report on these key success metrics and act upon those results. Quality reporting and real-time dashboards are key to understanding your current state and determining what is next.

Goals & Objectives

  • Understand key business objectives and targeted business outcomes.
  • Evaluate metrics, dashboards and reports
  • Define Gaps in Quality Management, WFM and/or Reporting Process
  • Identify process improvement opportunities.
  • Create roadmap and recommendations for success for one or multiple applications.


Deliverables include (dependent on defined workstream): 

  • Executive Summary with SWOT Analysis of Quality Management and Continuous Improvement.
  • Recommendations Roadmap delivering optimization of current tools and future solutions capabilities.
  • Delivery of recommendations, roadmap to leadership to drive outcomes.
  • Knowledge Transfer of solution requirements to service delivery team.
  • Adoption and Training Recommendations


Who should attend?

CX and Contact Center Leaders, Chief Experience Officers (CXO), CIOs, CTOs, COOs, IT VPs, and Marketing and Line of Business Owners. Anyone with a material interest and responsibility for delivering digital innovation in the realm of customer engagement and contact center operations customer experience that exceeds expectations.

What's next?

Contact us to discuss or schedule any of the following:

  • Customer Service Engagement Workshop Discussion
  • Supportive Technologies (Customer Analytics/Reporting/WFM/Quality Management) Assessment
  • Migration Assessment
  • Strategic Platform Assessment


  • Optimize technology.
  • Improve key performance indicators service levels.
  • Deliver improved processes and output for Workforce Management, Quality Management and Reporting.
  • Defined training and enablement plan.