Multicloud Financial Operations Assessment

Most enterprise customers recognize that having clear and accurate financial data for cloud spend allows them to make informed decisions on where to optimize and where to invest. The Multicloud Financial (FinOps) Operations assessment provides our clients with a baseline of cloud spend across AWS and Azure.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of the Multicloud FinOps Assessment from WWT is to provide you with a comprehensive report on total spend with each of your cloud providers. Included in this report will be actionable data points such as un-utilized or underutilized cloud resources. To accomplish the outcome, WWT uses a Multicloud FinOps tool set which will inspect customer’s cloud accounts and perform an in-depth analysis. WWT then works with the customer to interpret the tool output and document recommended action items to yield savings.

What to Expect

  • A scoping session with a WWT expert to understand your cloud environment
  • Followed by a thirty (30) day baseline cost optimization assessment that will  include recommendations on:
    • Idle/unused resources
    • Rightsizing
    • Budget overages
    • Reserved instance purchase strategy

Benefits: A clear understanding of actionable tasks that may help you optimize your cloud spend

Deliverable: A comprehensive report detailing recommendations to optimize your cloud service provider costs across the assessed accounts