Segmentation Accelerator Assessment

How to tell if you're ready to begin an Enterprise Segmentation initiative


Common IT Hurdles
Ask any IT professional about the failure of a major project and you'll hear some common themes. Failure to fully understand the scope and breadth of the project. Ambiguous objectives without clearly stated outcomes. An incomplete view of the technical environment. And, worst of all, unexpected but necessary costs that became apparent only after too much was already spent.

Is it even possible to accurately determine the cost, level of effort and expected challenges of a major IT project before you begin?

For Enterprise Segmentation, the answer is yes.

Avoid Spend and Planning Pitfalls
Enterprise Segmentation can give businesses an increased level of data protection and service assurance by limiting the lateral movement of unauthorized users (i.e., bad actors). While nothing can be 100 percent protected, reducing the attack surface through segmentation is an effective and recommended strategy to minimize risk.

Segmentation Accelerator Assessment
Our Segmentation Accelerator services can assess your level of readiness and define the requirements and interdependencies required for a successful segmentation initiative before you start. We've observed a clear demarcation between success with such preparation and failure without, which is why there's no better place to start than with an Accelerator assessment.

Our extensive experience enables us to clearly identify and assess eight key technical and non-technical prerequisites needed to determine readiness and achieve segmentation success. The key areas include:
  • Asset inventory 
  • Data classification 
  • Policies and regulations 
  • Application dependency mapping 
  • Network mapping 
  • Existing segmentation capabilities 
  • Existing zones and segments 
  • Shared infrastructure 

Each area will make up a major component of your greater segmentation plan. Determining your level of readiness in each area is crucial for an effective and successful plan to proceed. Our segmentation experts will evaluate each area and provide a readiness rating based on the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). Depending on the size of your environment, this can be completed between 30 and 60 days and will include recommendations to address identified gaps.

An equally beneficial part of our Accelerator service is the upfront identification of quick wins. Quick wins exist wherever you can leverage existing technology to advance effective segmentation. Our experts will help you identify such opportunities to immediately enhance your security posture while we continue developing a long-term strategy for enterprise-wide segmentation.

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Our Segmentation Accelerator services can give you a clear picture of the total effort required to achieve segmentation, help you understand interrelated organizational requirements, and position you to avoid common hurdles that so often derail major IT projects. You'll gain the insight needed to make strategic investments and planning decisions without unanticipated costs. As a bonus, you'll benefit from an increased level of maturity and new insights into your IT management portfolio.

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