Software as a Service (SaaS) Identity Risk Assessment

Employee use of SaaS applications, including generative AI, can lead to uncontrolled identity sprawl and serious risk for your organization. Using Grip's SaaS Identity Assessment, WWT will identify your current risk landscape and provide actionable next steps for remediation.

What to Expect

Work with WWT to use Grip's SaaS Identity Risk Assessment tool to discover your organization's risk landscape. The tool is fast and simple to install. 

Through the assessment, we will discover:

  • Do any former employees have access to applications?
  • What authentication method are employees using (SSO, IdP, credentials)?
  • Who is using shadow SaaS in the company? Which apps?
  • How many inactive SaaS accounts need to be secured?


Current and former employee SaaS access insights

Grip's assessment tool can discover identity risks from current and former employees and highlight what actions are required.

  • Discover former employees who have access to SaaS applications
  • Identity unsanctioned SaaS accounts from current and former employees that should be closed
  • Uncover data security risks from unsanctioned SaaS

In-depth user risk analysis

The assessment provides a complete picture of a user's SaaS usage on a consolidated dashboard with point-and-click drill-downs

  • See all SaaS accounts created and the authentication method used for access
  • Filter by risk, categories, dates or other criteria
  • Identify active accounts that are dormant or no longer used by the employee

Goals & Objectives

Through the assessment, we can get a view of your SaaS technology and understand your organization and employees' use of public AI, like ChatGPT.  

Grip's assessment uses a simple read-only API to implement an identity-based discovery method to detect risks from current and former employees.

  • Detect unsanctioned SaaS usage
  • Document authentication method
  • Identify users using risky applications