About Research

Our research equips businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to shift IT from a cost center to a strategic growth partner by providing actionable insights that drive outcome-focused technology initiatives while ensuring your IT investments align with organizational strategy. 

The research is informed by surveys we conduct with clients and internal experts; conversations and engagements with current and prospective clients, partners, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs); and knowledge that we acquire through lab work in our Advanced Technology Center and real-world client project experience. 

Types of reports

AI/ML Applied Reports

Use research and development projects to show how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can be used to solve industry challenges and enhance outcomes.

Maturity Models

Outline the strategy and steps organizations can follow to evolve their capabilities around technology.

Priorities Reports

Help IT leaders and line-of-business owners determine where they should be focusing their resources and why. We recommend these reports for any managers looking to make key decisions around technology implementations.

Landscape Reports

Help organizations prepare for the future by identifying and explaining emerging trends and outlining considerations to help stay ahead of the curve. 

Research Notes

Shorter-form content that highlights specific trends and updates in the market and provide new or additional context that complements our more in-depth Research Reports.