WWT Cloud Services

AWS EC2 for Windows Servers

AWS EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server

WWT can help you deploy Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and other similar technologies on AWS EC2 instances.

Refine your infrastructure to maximize agility, security, and cost-efficiency

WWT's partnership with AWS empowers organizations to leverage the scalable computing capacity of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to enhance their infrastructure and application services. We enable a solution that is cost-efficient without sacrificing quality.

In collaboration with AWS, we facilitate seamless application migration and development while also establishing a fully managed and secure environment to optimize server performance. Harnessing the capabilities of Amazon EC2, our team of experts takes care of the complete lifecycle — from initial implementation to ongoing maintenance.

Relevant capabilities

Security best practices

We utilize industry best practices to ensure your Windows workloads are secure and fully compliant with your requirements. We ensure proper usage of IAM and identity federation with AWS Managed Active Directory or an external AD.

Operational excellence

The observability of every EC2 with Windows deployment includes key metric views, component health and automated detection of issues. We combine AWS native and third-party tools to capture errors, troubleshoot and respond to operational events. All deployments include automated testing, patching and provisioning for scale.


Leverage infrastructure-as-code (IAC) with every deployment by WWT via tools such as Cloud Formation and Terraform. All deployments we create are fully automated — from development to test to production — and include CI/CD pipeline processes.

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