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Enabling better public safety and disaster response outcomes

We provide organizations with new ways to harness technology to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from man-made and natural disasters. 

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Enhance preparedness with early threat detection, situational awareness, and the ability to aggregate and analyze disaster data. 


Enable first responder communication and connect survivors with responders with smartly deployed response resources. 


Achieve continuity of operations with smartly deployed recovery resources designed to better the lives of survivors.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Mobile Field Kit (MFK)

WWT IoT platform allows for real-time visualization and mapping of man-made and natural disaster data, such as CBRN threats and personnel health.
Our Solutions

Edge Data Aggregation & Analysis

Compute and storage solutions allow responders to aggregate, analyze and visualize data in connected and disconnected environments.  
Our Solutions

Shooter Threat Detection & Prevention

Integrated solutions identify persons and vehicles that pose a potential threat and proactively trigger measures to prevent and mitigate the loss of human lives.
Our Solutions

Continuity of Operations at the Edge

Local cloud capabilities aid in continuity of operations in disconnected and disaster scenarios.

Case Studies


Edge device speeds recovery from natural disasters. 



Employees gain frictionless entry with Fast Lane solution.