Throughout my career, I've witnessed countless business discussions taking place on the golf course, leaving me with a sense of exclusion as I had never played the sport. But everything changed in the summer of 2022 when EXN organised a women's golf day. I seized the opportunity to learn and stepped into a world that was alien to me. Initially, fear of not being an expert began to creep in, but that quickly drifted away as I immersed myself in the experience. Learning the techniques and feeling the thrill of hitting a driver far into the distance became my newfound passion, even if I was inconsistent. I embraced my new endeavour wholeheartedly, going so far as to buy my own set of clubs — a second-hand Callaway set at a bargain price of £75!

Fortune smiled upon me as I embarked on my journey with Samantha Head as my coach over the last eight months. Samantha's impressive golf career included playing on the Ladies' Tours in Europe, Japan and the USA, with six victories under her belt, including the Italian Open in 1999 and the South African Open in 2001. Now a PGA coach and brand ambassador for Variety Golf, which supports children with disabilities, Samantha became my guiding light.

Inspired by my own transformation, I sought to expand the game of golf into the realm of women in the technology industry. I hoped that other women who, like me, may have felt intimidated to learn the sport would step forward, and together, we could create our own Women in Technology (WWT) golf society. To kickstart this initiative, we invited Samantha to join us during International Women's Day in our London office. She spoke passionately about her career, her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated sport, and the multiple successes she had achieved. The event was a resounding success, igniting a flame within us to bring the game of golf to more women in the technology industry.

With the generous support of Dell Technologies, WWT had the privilege of introducing 14 women to the world of golf this week. It was a day filled with passion, teamwork and the gift of continuous learning for all involved.

We began by drawing parallels between golf and the business world, identifying the shared qualities of focus, strategy and adaptability. These essential traits for success in the corporate arena were also found to be crucial on the golf course.

Next, we delved into the fundamentals of golf. Under Samantha's expert guidance, we learned to simplify the golf swing, starting with pitching. We then put our skills to the test in a friendly competition, using Top Tracer technology to determine who could hit nearest to the pin. As the day progressed, we honed our long-game techniques and moved on to the putting green, where we focused on pace and direction.

The true magic happened when we took our newfound skills to the golf course. It was incredible to see the transformation of the ladies, who ventured out onto the course in teams of four after just two hours of instruction. The joy, camaraderie and sense of accomplishment were palpable as we played several holes together.

This day was about more than just learning a sport. It was about coming together as a team, building connections and embracing new experiences. We discovered that by combining our individual talents and working in synergy, we could achieve great things. It's a powerful lesson that will resonate with us long after we leave the greens. As a group, we not only grew as individuals but also created a new community of golfers — a sisterhood united by a shared passion.

Here's to more shared experiences, fun times and making memories that will last a lifetime.