Application Security Briefing

1 hour
Join our exclusive 45-minute briefing on Application Security (AppSec), specifically designed for senior security and DevOps leaders aiming to fortify application security practices across their organization. Gain valuable insights and strategies to effectively address the three greatest challenges encountered in AppSec.


In this session, we will focus on three key challenges organizations often face: 

  • Software Supply Chain Security: Managing and mitigating vulnerabilities in applications is complicated. We will explore the challenges associated with identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities, as well as implementing timely remediation practices. Stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape by adopting effective vulnerability management strategies.
  • Secure Development Practices: Integrating secure development practices into the software development lifecycle is vital to building resilient applications. We will address challenges related to implementing and enforcing secure coding practices and standards. Discover how to strengthen secure coding skills, conduct robust code reviews and integrate security testing methodologies.
  • Software Bill of Material (SBOM): A Software Bill of Material (SBOM) is becoming a requirement of regulation the world over, and we will discuss how SBOM helps organizations understand and manage the security risks associated with third-party and open-source software components. By having an accurate and up-to-date SBOM, organizations can effectively track and address vulnerabilities, ensure compliance with licensing requirements, and make informed decisions regarding the security of their software supply chain. Implementing an SBOM can significantly enhance application security by increasing visibility and enabling proactive risk management.

Drawing on industry best practices and real-world experiences, this briefing will equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to enhance your organization's application security practices. We will share practical examples and proven methodologies that have helped organizations overcome these challenges. Our focus is on helping you establish or evolve a robust and resilient application security program that aligns with industry standards. 

Register now to gain valuable insights and strategies to strengthen your application security practices. Prepare your organization to effectively address vulnerabilities, integrate secure development practices and protect against API-related risks.