Cloud Security Briefing

1 hour
Join our exclusive 45-minute briefing on Cloud Security, designed for senior security leaders seeking to fortify their organization's cloud environment. Gain invaluable insights and learn strategies to effectively address the major challenges encountered when securing the cloud.


In this session, we will explore three challenges organizations often face: 

  • Data Protection and Privacy: Safeguarding data stored in the cloud requires robust encryption, proper access controls, visibility of data lineage and compliance with privacy regulations. We will explore best practices to ensure data protection while addressing privacy concerns and data sovereignty issues.
  • Cloud Configuration and Management: Configuring and managing cloud environments securely can be complex. We will discuss strategies for avoiding misconfigurations, implementing strong identity and access management, and maintaining visibility and control over cloud assets.
  • Cloud Operating Model: Securing dynamic environments requires processes and architectures to match. We will discuss how to optimally manage the people and processes responsible for building and maintaining your cloud environments.

Drawing on industry best practices and real-world experiences, we will share success stories and proven methodologies that have helped organizations overcome these challenges. 

Register now to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to strengthen your cloud security posture. Empower your organization to confidently leverage cloud technology while mitigating risks and protecting your valuable assets in the cloud.