Facilities Infrastructure Cooling Briefing

To include the collective equipment, tools, techniques and processes that ensure an ideal operating temperature within a data center facility, edge locations or even harsh environments and the removal of the underutilized heat generated from today's IT hardware, all along with the proper airflow management to avoid hot spots and dead zones. This Facilities Infrastructure Cooling Briefing will be facilitated by a subject matter expert with extensive experience in the space to lead the conversation covering traditional and innovative cooling technologies.


The deployment and management of a data center's cooling environment needs to be carefully considered as it can impact the overall operation and cost of your data center. In an effort to squeeze more processing power into existing space, organizations are relying increasing on the use of blade servers and virtualization technologies. With these increased server densities and higher speed network equipment generating increased heat, cooling strategies are significantly affected. Adequate airflow, right size cooling and higher operational temperatures will reduce maintenance costs and provide a healthy IT environment.

By setting design goals based on adaptability, availability, maintainability, manageability and cost, WWT's Facilities Infrastructure team offers practical recommendations that can be implemented to establish an effective cooling solution that will help your organization optimize cooling strategies for essential capacity.

This briefing looks beyond the hype to demonstrate how our prescribed methodology helps organizations capitalize on infrastructure technology. You'll see firsthand how WWT's pragmatic approach addressing people, process, technology and architecture increases business agility.