HPC & AI/ML/DL Infrastructure Convergence Introductory Briefing

2 hours
High-performance computing (HPC) is the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds delivering performance and scale. Artificial intelligence (AI) and HPC high performance architectures are converging. Some analytics workloads do better with HPC rather than standard compute infrastructure. While some AI frameworks are intended to be executed on desktop or workstation architectures, there are certain situations where ultra-fast, high-capacity HPC scale up approaches are preferred. Scale up and out are the domain of HPC.


This briefing introduces HPC and AI/ML/DL technologies, products, solutions and key partners to deliver solutions that best meet an organization's needs. Specifically, this briefing will provide a high-level introduction to HPC and HPDA, the problem they solve together and the vertical markets it addresses. Rather than focusing on the step by step, this briefing will educate the concepts and resources available to perform the advanced computing, data analytics process and discuss where accelerators can be used.