Leading Through Transformation Briefing

1 hour
Change is an inevitable part of a company's growth. Whether change comes in the form of organizational leadership change or a divestiture or merger, companies must be able to effectively adapt and grow through this transition to a new normal. This briefing provides leadership teams the knowledge and techniques they need to successfully guide their companies through this transformation.


Topics: In this briefing, WWT will discuss the transformational leadership qualities companies need to create an environment where positive change can develop.  

We will address:

  • Core capabilities of transformational leadership.
  • Lifecycle of a organizational transformation and leading through change.
  • Benefits of strong employee engagement.
  • Potential risks associated with low employee adoption.

What is a Briefing? A scheduled event with a WWT Subject Matter Expert – typically via a live Webex – where our Subject Matter experts present an overview of specific topics, technologies, capabilities or market trends. Attendees are allotted time for Q&A to pose questions specific to your organization. Delivered free of charge. 

Who should attend? 

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Data Officer (or VP)
  • Chief Strategy Officer (or a VP of Strategy)
  • VP/Director of PMO
  • VP of Innovation (or Chief Innovation Officer)
  • VP of Enterprise Architecture
  • Director of Change (or VP of Change)
  • Director of Learning & Development (of VP)
  • CHRO/VP for HR
  • COO