Remote Learning Consultation

1 hour
Educational organizations, in collaboration with state and local governments, are moving quickly to find solutions that can support new remote learning models. How can we enable instructors and students to achieve the best possible education, while keeping themselves safe? Determining the best approach to support the rapidly changing needs of education instructors can be a daunting task. WWT's experts help organizations understand available solutions, provide insight on which tools and strategies are most critical to success and accelerate clear paths to rapid procurement, deployment and adoption.


  • Explore the art-of-the-possible in remote learning solutions.
  • Assess the foundational solutions and gaps.
  • Align and prioritize steps to solve the pressing needs of your organization.

In this one to two-hour Webex session, we discuss how to plan and implement e-learning solutions rapidly to drive improved student attention and better virtual experiences for the teaching staff. We start with a debrief on the most critical goals of your institution, and then walk your teams through the possible solutions that will deliver the most benefit in the shortest amount of time.

Key Topics Covered

  • Collaboration solutions and best practices
  • Remote learning connectivity considerations and options
  • Cybersecurity strategies for protecting student and faculty content
  • End-user training options

This consultation walks through the challenges the institution is facing most, then provides discovery of the possible solutions, weighing speed to deployment at scale. We'll cover each of these topics with an opportunity for Q&As specific to your organization. This session will bring focus for your team to identify the right solutions to pursue and think through the right people to pull in for next steps. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Educational CIOs, and leadership across education, operations and information technology
  • Chief decision makers in school districts, higher education institutions, as well as state and local government agencies
  • Stakeholders with a material interest and responsibility for delivering and supporting educational instructors and students