Wireless Strategy Briefing

2 hours
Wireless is now the fourth utility. WWT can help your organization leverage and harness the appropriate wireless mediums (WiFi 6, 5G, CBRS/pLTE, etc.) for your success. Many enterprise networks currently in operation were not designed to support the throughput demands of today’s mobile computers and wireless devices. In order to help our customers address these new requirements, WWT continues to evolve our Mobility team to provide superior, business-focused end-user experiences.

Goals & Objectives

The Wireless Strategy Workshop is a two- to four-hour strategic whiteboard session focused on identifying your company’s unique business uses cases and wireless hardware needs. It begins with a discussion regarding desired utilization of an ideal wireless network, as well as potential future use cases for the enterprise wireless infrastructure. The rest of the session will be customized to meet your company’s specific areas of interest, which may include:

  • MIMO/MuMIMO: What advancements can you expect to achieve with the coming wireless changes via 802.11ac Wave 2 and Wi-Fi 6E or CBRS?
  • Throughput: How much do you have vs. how much do your users really need?
  • Wireless Best Practices: How can you improve your current wireless infrastructure?


This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to establish a framework for managing the growing wireless capacity needs within an enterprise environment. Attendees will learn best practices for managing and deploying wireless networks mobile devices to end users as well as how to manage end-user devices. Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage WWT’s expertise, best-of-breed solutions and powerful partnerships to define a roadmap to ready your wireless enterprise for the future.

WWT Capabilities

  • Wi-Fi – Your current Wi-Fi deployment is probably not designed for capacity. It is probably not designed for mission critical applications. It may be difficult to operate, you may have weak security configured or you may be supporting legacy networks (802.11a/b/g).
  • CBRS – CBRS is a “lightly licensed” model of wireless communications where  LTE and 5G technologies have been adopted in the spectrum. LTE and 5G can be thought about as new freeway lanes that can increase capacity and reduce interference. CBRS is not a protocol or a technology implementation. It is similar to the spectrum bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) that we know of in unlicensed Wi-Fi communications.
  • Real Time Location Services (RTLS) – This term describes a variety of technologies that can detect the current geolocation of a device. The device could be anything from a vehicle to an item in a manufacturing plant to a person.

Best Practices

Software Versions: WWT can work with you to review the software versions being utilized and the configuration parameters, then engage with you to leverage reporting mechanisms available within your current enterprise wireless deployment.

Coverage vs. Capacity: Given that the usage model of the modern office has changed substantially over time, that means that we have to rethink our current wireless deployment design. We have to plan for higher density AP placements, because you need to be closer to the access point to get the higher speeds in Wi-Fi 6.

What’s Next?

WWT will work with your key stakeholders and uncover a common understanding of your business needs, which will help determine our next steps. This could involve scheduling a Wireless Strategy Workshop or engaging with WWT’s Professional Services Wireless Team. The information gathered during the workshop will be transformed into a comprehensive strategy that addresses your business drivers/challenges. WWT can work with you to create a corporate wireless strategy. The deliverable outcome of these types of workshops could be one or all of the following documents:

  • A high-level document with suggested actions or business relevant advice.
  • A high-level architectural design.
  • Benchmarking and periodic managed services health checks.
  • A statement of work or bill of materials to engage with our Professional Services team.

WWT Wireless Expertise

We know that deploying wireless can be complex. WWT offers a number of workshops and customized lab or proof of concept environments in our Advanced Technology Center. We can also support onsite wireless services for site surveys, workshops or briefings. Our Integrated Technology Center helps speed staging and deployment, or our managed services offerings could enable you to offload the ongoing operations of your wireless infrastructure to us.