Zero Trust Briefing

2 hours
Increased visibility, reducing the attack surface, and rationalizing zero trust theory with technical implementation—these are just a few of the outcomes that a successful zero trust program should provide. Securing the enterprise, both on-premise and in the cloud, is a challenge in today's landscape.


In this briefing, we will discuss the capabilities and benefits of a zero trust architecture, along with vendor-specific capabilities and innovations. We work with your key stakeholders to understand your long term-vision and strategy to secure your environment. 

WWT has a deep understanding of how zero trust is foundational for security: how people, process and technology logically come together to transform an organization. We have consultative expertise to align, integrate and accelerate your zero trust and segmentation strategy. These capabilities, combined with our world-class partnerships with both traditional OEM solutions and rapidly-developing tech startups, make WWT an unparalleled security partner.

Topics Covered

  • Removing obstacles standing in the way of zero trust
  • Hidden challenges that can "sink" your desired outcomes
  • Aligning existing investments to industry standards
  • Market landscape: Leaders, contenders, disappointments
  • Preferred solutions: Where WWT sees the most value
  • Customer success: How WWT drives value and outcomes
  • WWT's advisory and engineering services

Our team of experts will also work with your organization to identify several "next steps" that can be taken to address your challenges, whether through deep-dive workshops, assessments or services engagements.

What is a briefing?

A briefing is a scheduled event with a WWT subject matter expert, typically in person or live via Webex, who will present an overview of topics, technologies, capabilities or market trends. Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their organization. Briefings are delivered at no cost.

Who should attend?

Security Director, Security Manager, Security Architect, Security Analyst