The ATC UX Team was excited about the opportunity to spend our Day of Caring working on a new website for Genuine Human, but we honestly didn't know much about them! We met with Amanda, Jenny, and the rest of the Genuine Human team to learn about their mission and quickly became invested in this amazing project. We learned that Genuine Human essentially works to enable good people to do good things and we immediately started envisioning what a new website could allow them to accomplish. We discussed the goals and long-term plans for the organization and then planned how we would create something valuable for them with only one day. With a team of seven User Experience Designers and one Day of Caring, we made a huge amount of progress!



  • We researched and selected a new platform to host their website.
  • We set up the hosting information and ported over the URL.
  • We installed a donate button that connects to an existing account so they would have a consistent place to collect donations.
  • We migrated content from the old site and created a content flow that will grow with their organization.
  • We provide them with an easier site editor. The new tool is about half the price and is much more intuitive to use.
  • The new platform will allow them to plan and share events, sell merchandise, and so much more, when they're ready for those features in the future.
  • We set them up with assets and instructions to apply their brand consistently and provided organized, supporting materials and published the Press Kit to their site.
  • We made a compilation video using the photos and videos provided, and tried to set it up in a way for the team to emulate for future use cases.

A not-for-profit website needs to be professional to provide validity and trust to people who are donating. We didn't allow comments on the new site because their first one was attracting spam bots. We added a favicon and a mission statement and made sure they were using consistent logos, fonts and brand elements across their channels. We know that Genuine Human will grow quickly and we tried to make them a website that would grow with them. We hope to continue to support them in the future and watch as they enrich the lives of many.

Visit the Genuine Human website today!
Genuine Human