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The future of grocery is deeply personal and increasingly mobile. To thrive, grocers must embrace this shift by delivering personal experiences to shoppers no matter the time or place. 

Schnuck Markets, one of the largest Midwestern grocery chains, partnered with WWT to develop and execute a digital strategy that would make their customer experience frictionless and rewarding and reinforce their value of being the friendliest store in town.


WWT designed and built a mobile app that delivered a seamless omnichannel experience with a rewards program that kept shoppers coming back for more.

  • Automated rewards program
  • Personalized savings and coupons
  • Order ahead
  • Store wayfinding
  • Customizable shopping lists 
  • Nutritional information, wellness guides and recipes

By the numbers

  • 66 percent of all transactions tied to rewards account
  • 1.6 million total rewards program members
  • More than 500,000 total app users
  • Over 24 percent increase in basket size for rewards app users

Outcomes and benefits

Increased loyalty: Rewards customers spend 25 percent more than non-rewards members. Deeper engagement and a more personalized experience helped drive incremental store visits, higher basket sizes and new customer acquisition.

Optimized shopping carts: Shoppers crave convenience. The digital customer experience allows Schnucks to broadcast relevant content, products and savings to the right shopper at the right time and place, delivering a more efficient experience and driving shoppers to deals and higher-margin products.

Accelerated digital growth: An inviting and intuitive digital offering allows Schnucks to provide meaningful engagements with their customers, increasing loyalty through valuable interactions. We provided a blueprint that increased digital engagement and automated personalization.

Built for the future: Consumer habits change rapidly. The Schnucks digital experience was designed to meet the needs of today, but architected to make Schnucks more agile moving forward, with a foundation to continuously add new ecommerce, analytics and personalization functionality.

Areas of expertise

Transformation isn't simply a technology decision. Such undertakings demand the right mix of technology, people, capabilities and areas of expertise which WWT has, including, but not limited to:

  • Digital strategy
  • UX strategy and design
  • Application development
  • Quality assurance (QA)
  • Continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • Strategy and assessments
  • Automation and testing
  • DevOps
  • Data and analytics
  • AI and machine learning

How we did it

With over 30 years of experience helping the world's largest companies and government entities, we've learned digital transformation and IT modernization thrive in the space between:  

strategy and execution; business and technology; physical and digital

Our deep domain expertise cuts across business and technology. Our ability to extensively test solutions and deploy them at scale allows us to both advise and execute to create new realities for our customers. 

Here's how we did it for Schnucks:

We helped define OKRs and a roadmap.

We collaborated with Schnucks stakeholders to identify growth and evolution opportunities for the customer experience, then worked to create the rewards program rules and mechanics around points accrual and redemption. With a plan in place, we got to work developing a strategic roadmap and phased implementation plan to digitize the rewards experience.

We obsessed over the customer journey.

The mobile app became brought Schnucks' rewards program to life and drove deeper digital engagement with customers. To nurture that engagement, we assembled shopper personas, feature roadmaps and a state-of-the-art marketing automation stack. We also provided ongoing data governance, analysis and a growth strategy to increase customer engagement. 

We took into account all parts of the store

A digital footprint isn't confined to an app. We developed an omnichannel digital signage strategy tailored to locations and performed in-store customer journey audits to identify a content plan. We analyzed service and wait time data that produced a strategy for each display location and developed the creative templates, day-parting and content strategy.

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