Case Study

Large Health System Integrates “Platinum” Storage to Increase Performance

WWT provides Flash Lab to test and validate EMC XtremIO for storage rollout

We’ve never received anything like this from any of our vendors. You completed what would have taken us a year in just over three months. Anytime we engage you like this, WWT can expect the business — Customer’s IT Storage Infrastructure Manager


A major health system was looking for an ultra high-performance storage solution for its applications requiring the highest levels of performance. The customer referred to this as a “Platinum” tier storage rollout. The challenge was to cut through the hype and choose the solution that offered the highest performance for their specific use case.


WWT began with a workshop with the customer to learn about the customer’s needs and discuss WWT’s flash capabilities. At the end of the initial workshop and upon learning of WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and engineering resources, the customer’s senior IT leadership made it clear to the technical staff they wished to work with WWT.

In order to find the best solution for the customer’s needs, WWT conducted a “bake-off” between three OEMs. Each OEM shipped two storage arrays, one each for the source and target. A three-node Oracle RAC database was set up to generate loads against the arrays in order to measure performance. Additionally, dedicated MDS fabrics were set up within our ATC environment simulate the customer’s WAN environment and mimic the healthcare system’s network between sites to test the array replication functions.

All standard resiliency tests were conducted with performance and replication functionality being the primary focus.

At the conclusion of the testing, a detailed test report was presented to the customer illustrating the performance comparisons of the three OEMs.


WWT was able to quickly set up an unbiased test between three flash solutions and provide the customer with objective performance in an environment that mimicked their own IT environment. Based on the results of the proof of concept, the customer selected EMC XtremIO and engaged WWT for fulfillment, integration and technical advisory services.