Case Study

New Army Hospital to Provide Patients and Staff with High-performance Network

WWT identifies gaps in coverage and cuts costs with just-in-time delivery


For a brand new army hospital, the opportunities are endless. WWT saw a need to help the hospital consider what the end-users, employees and patients wanted to experience from a technology perspective. The impact ultimately would mean higher efficiency, a decrease of outages and an overall better customer experience.

The hospital needed to ensure their LAN/WAN infrastructure would run efficiently and operate on the most cost-effective solution. We stepped in to help them exceed project deadlines.


The hospital was familiar with our past performance. We had supported infrastructure for two other army hospitals under the broader army medical center by leveraging our ITES contract. The hospital trusted our engineers to validate their Nexus platform design and even leaned on us to validate a WAN/LAN site survey to ensure there were no gaps in network coverage.

After a review of the site survey, our engineers did identify gaps in coverage. To ensure their network would run smoothly and efficiently, we brought in members of our professional services organization to install and configure additional access points as part of the overall network architecture. We also created and conducted customized training to ensure the hospital staff was ready to manage the network post-installation.

Through our Integration Technology Center, we reduced the amount of time our services teams needed to be onsite, saving the hospital money. Additionally, we used our Lakeview Technology Center to manage inventory for up to 18 months on our customer’s behalf because of limited storage space onsite.


WWT was able to continue our relationship with the hospital, build trust with the broader hospital system, execute and deliver on schedule, as well as knowledge share with the organization. This close knit relationship has allowed us to become the partner of choice for new hospitals under this medical umbrella. With more knowledge about the hospital’s deployment team and process, we can now expedite delivery and provide even more cost savings to the hospital.