In this case study

Wanting to consolidate remote locations into one space, but having end-of-life cooling infrastructure, this state turned to WWT for help to design and install a new efficient cooling solution.


This State agency was looking to reduce operating costs by consolidating remote agencies back to one main data center, but their current location had an aging cooling solution that could not support an increased heat load. With budgets already tight, they turned to WWT to help design and install a new efficient cooling solution that would provide them the capacity needed along with a quick payback.


We worked closely with the State's teams to establish current and future demands, internal and external available space, critical up-time and budget. Based on all the information identified, we were able to build a road map from product selection to the completed deployment.  

This road-map included the selection of a modular chiller with high-static fans to rest outside and 11 distributed perimeter units to support the data center internal environment. This design also allowed for a staggered installation to completely eliminate any outage windows of their critical services.


WWT was able to bring the right project stakeholders together and deliver with real-time knowledge the correct solution to meet their exact business goals.

In addition, WWT successfully engaged with partners, vendors and suppliers to finalize the correct configuration, project schedule and pricing.

And lastly, this approach utilized their cooler outdoor environment to reduce chiller compressors to run-time by 40 percent. This reduction reinforced their need to reduce operations cost and provided a payback within 16 months of the entire project.