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Threat detection in real-time

WWT’s Mobile Field Kit (MFK) is a unique operations control and threat monitoring system that can assist those responsible for public safety at public events, places of interest and entertainment venues to secure the perimeter.

mfk platform

Platform for Detection and Prevention

Threat information, situational awareness and update alerts can be accessed by a central command center as well as via mobile devices or tablets on the ground. In complex and fast-moving scenarios, the technology offers the ability to acquire, store, assess and share information with teams and across organizational boundaries.

Securing Worldwide Events

Whether working to secure a large event or responsible for the ongoing safety of visitors at a transport hub, the frontlines of ground level threat detection face an ever-evolving environment. So far, this platform has been used to secure events like the NFL Super Bowl, MLB World Series, World Games and presidential inauguration.

boston marathon

Sensor integration for any scenario

Virtually any kind of information source can be incorporated into Mobile Field Kit’s advanced software. Whether it is data from security cameras, motion detectors or radioactivity sensors, the software is fully customizable to provide the most relevant information in different settings. It can be easily updated to reflect changing threats and new types and versions of sensors; WWT developers can typically integrate new sensors in under ten weeks.

Mobile Field Kit Sensor Integration

From data to decision

Mobile Field Kit’s software visualizes sensor readings onto a map of the protected area. Combining this with live situational awareness of security personnel on the ground empowers timely and effective decision-making in the event of an identified threat. This wide-ranging visibility becomes a powerful asset for the safety of security, law enforcement and counter-terrorism teams as they enter potentially hazardous environments.