One of the largest utility companies in the United States, providing millions of customers with natural gas and electric services, recognized the need for an advanced security solution to safeguard its critical infrastructure and customer data. With the increasing number of cybersecurity threats in the utility sector, the customer contacted the World Wide Technology IBM Cybersecurity team.

Business Challenge     

WWT accessed the customer's cyber security needs and understood the growing cybersecurity requirements, including implementing robust security measures, improving incident response capabilities, and strengthening security by remediating vulnerabilities in real-time. 

Solution Recommendation

Leveraging a customer Security Vendor Consolidation initiative for SIEM, SOAR, and UBA, the security team at World Wide Technology recommended a "Next Generation Security Suite" platform; the IBM QRadar SIEM Suite was selected; as a result, the utility company has significantly strengthened its cyber security defenses, protecting its critical infrastructure and customer data from evolving cyber threats and ensuring the continued delivery of reliable utility services.


The IBM QRadar Suite has provided the organization with a robust security intelligence and analytics platform. In addition, the solution has enhanced threat detection capabilities, streamlined incident response processes, and improved the company's security posture in the areas of centralized security monitoring and compliance reporting