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Dave Steward
WWT Chairman Dave Steward

Although I have not had an opportunity to personally meet each of you, I am deeply grateful to everyone who has chosen WWT as their home and to your families, as well.

Given our amazing growth domestically and globally, our paths may not cross in person. However, I am hopeful these messages will be a way for me to connect with you in a personal way.

I plan to send you a note like this a few times throughout the year to share a personal message about what is inspiring me.

God Bless!

- Dave Steward

WWT is a diverse and inclusive company respecting the faiths and religions of all of our employees. But in keeping with my Christian faith and the values that have helped build WWT, it is important to me to begin each WWT Board of Directors meeting with prayer. In addition, we have a moment of devotion from scripture to guide our thinking and our path forward. Those devotionals can be viewed below along with other items that inspire me, such as letters from employees.