Cisco Live 2024 Sets New Benchmarks in Technology Innovation and Collaboration

Las Vegas, NV - On Monday, June 3, 2024, at the Top Golf venue in MGM Grand, Las Vegas, the 1st Annual Cisco Live US Army Town Hall Event brought together over 100 military and industry leaders for a dynamic exchange of insights and updates. Hosted amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Cisco Live 2024, this exclusive gathering provided a platform for key stakeholders to discuss critical topics shaping the future of Army enterprise IT software modernization and cybersecurity.

The event commenced at noon with a warm welcome and meet-and-greet session led by Ms. Lakeisha McIntosh, followed by Ms. Rachel Gore introducing attendees to the day's agenda. Participants enjoyed lunch while networking and engaging with Ms. McIntosh and other prominent figures from the Army OCIO Team, including CW5 Danny Burns.

The agenda was packed with significant updates and discussions led by Ms. Bayleigh Kelly and Mr. Gus Muller from WWT's Army GEMSS program office. A highlight was the comprehensive update on the GEMSS (Global Enterprise Mission Support Services) contract, an essential component of the Army's IT infrastructure. This was followed by a presentation from Cisco U and insights into the New Option Year Update, underlining the continuous evolution and enhancement of military IT capabilities.

One of the key sessions featured the introduction of WWT's CX Services overview, highlighting their EA+ Services and Support, crucial for integrating advanced technologies into military operations effectively. The Army Community Page Updates and the briefing on Talos Incident Response Services further underscored the commitment to enhancing cybersecurity measures and incident readiness.


The event also included a special "Sensing Session," encouraging interactive discussions on emerging technologies and their potential applications within military contexts. A survey on Cisco Security Education provided valuable feedback from attendees on current educational initiatives and future needs.

A group photo marked the culmination of the event, capturing the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defined the day. Attendees expressed enthusiasm about the insights gained and the networking opportunities provided, emphasizing the event's value in fostering partnerships and knowledge exchange.

Looking ahead, organizers announced that the 2nd Annual Army Town Hall will return next year at Cisco Live 2025 in San Diego, CA, scheduled for June 8-12. This decision reflects the positive reception and the growing importance of such forums in shaping the future of military-civilian partnerships and technological advancements.

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