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Achieve cloud maturity faster.

Your cloud journey. Simplified.

Most organizations are spending too much time trying to unravel the complexities of modern cloud computing.

WWT helps organizations plan, implement and optimize cloud strategies that achieve today's goals while preparing for tomorrow's challenges.

Public. Private. Hybrid. Multicloud. We know cloud inside and out.

Your cloud journey. Simplified.


The difference of cloud strategy plus execution

Unlike traditional consulting houses, boutique firms or cloud service providers, WWT offers independent expertise across all areas of cloud — from strategy through execution.

Our cloud expertise is informed by three decades of building the infrastructure on which modern clouds run. We've designed, built, deployed and secured complex data center, networking and multicloud solutions for some of the biggest service providers and businesses in the world.

WWT is the rare partner who brings together cloud service providers, OEMs, independent software vendors (ISVs), technology platforms and industry knowledge to create a collaborative ecosystem for customers to learn about, design, build, demo and deploy innovative cloud technologies and integrated architectural solutions.

Cloud maturity model

How mature are your cloud capabilities?

The tools, services and geographic flexibility of the public cloud give organizations the ability to become more agile, innovate faster and expand into new markets. 

Most organizations are in the cloud. But only those who have mastered the intricacies of where to place applications and data within one or more clouds are positioned to outpace the competition.

  • Speed application time-to-market with a well-rationalized cloud services strategy
  • Simplify and secure applications through automated infrastructure and delivery
  • Enable innovation with a best-practices service architecture
  • Reduce costs by effectively using multiple cloud services

Core capabilities

Bigger vision. Smarter strategy. Better outcomes.

Each cloud journey is unique. Using a proven, outcomes-focused approach, we guide customers through the steps needed to achieve cloud maturity in an iterative fashion​.

Whatever your level of cloud presence, WWT's full spectrum of service offerings can enhance your cloud capabilities and help you get the most out of your investment.

Strategy & Assessment

Define the problem statement and strategy for achieving your cloud goals.



Establish a cloud presence and lay the groundwork for future capabilities and enhancements.


Implement quick wins and monitor results to inform the rollout of future capabilities.


Enable the business to support and manage cloud enhancements.


Seamlessly deploy a tailored migration strategy across your entire business.


Achieve a steady-state operational condition across business environments.

Related cloud capabilities

Cloud touches nearly every aspect of your business. From connecting and securing your cloud networks, to streamlining how you host and manage valuable data, to optimizing your cloud spend, WWT Cloud Services is ready to help.

Cloud Networking

Organizations must architect their networks for multicloud connectivity based on their global footprints and plans for growth. We can help you design and deploy architectures that connect all of your users to the cloud services they need, at the speed they demand.

Cloud Security

Defend valuable corporate assets that have moved outside the traditional enterprise perimeter and onto the internet. Increase data protection, ensure compliance and achieve a more consistent application of security policies across complex cloud environments while simplifying management and operations.

Cloud Cost Management

Cloud Cost Management from WWT is a package of services designed to help CFOs optimize existing cloud spend with one or more public cloud service providers — AWS, GCP or Azure.

Cloud Data Management

Take advantage of cloud scalability with enterprise data services available across your choice of cloud. Accelerate, protect and migrate critical data for your cloud workloads.


Equinix's colocation and interconnection platform lets customers interconnect to a wide variety of software as a service (SaaS) and cloud service providers. Partnering with WWT, they help customers identify and design the fastest, safest, lowest-latency routes around the world.


DevOps is the combination of people, process and technology to enable continuous delivery of value to end users. Those who can iterate and deliver quickly are better able to increase customer adoption and satisfaction — a fundamental component of cloud transformation.

Cloud Marketplace

Self-service access to WWT Cloud Marketplace provides easy access to request new subscriptions, view detailed billing reports, manage current subscriptions or manage cloud EULAs from AWS, Azure or GCP.

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AIOps applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to IT operations to automate anomaly detection and root cause analysis of cloud and application performance issues. AIOps can deliver superior user experiences and business performance.

5 examples of different paths to cloud success

With so many ways to the cloud, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are a few examples of recent paths to cloud success our customers have followed:

  1. Cloud migration accelerator journey
  2. Cloud network strategy journey
  3. Cloud security journey
  4. Cloud data warehouse & analytics journey
  5. Cloud transformation journey
5 examples of different paths to cloud success

Cloud deployment models

Cloud solutions are deployed in four primary ways today. The right model for your business will depend on your unique needs and goals. Our certified experts can help you choose, implement and optimize the right approach.

There are many paths to cloud success. Explore yours below.

Public Cloud

Public cloud is a deployment model where cloud resources (i.e., hardware, software, services) are built, owned, operated and maintained by a third-party cloud service provider. These resources are delivered for public consumption over the internet and shared by multiple organizations.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a deployment model that bridges the gap between private and public clouds. Cloud resources are consumed and operated in a common way across both clouds, enabling portability of services across the various underlying cloud infrastructures.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is a deployment model where cloud resources are built and consumed exclusively by the same organization and maintained on a private network. Private clouds can be physically located on-premises in an organization’s data center or hosted by a third-party service provider.


Multicloud is a deployment model present whenever there is any combination of on-premises, off-premises and public cloud platforms, where cloud resources are spread across several cloud-hosting environments.

We know where cloud came from. We know where it's going.

You won't find another cloud partner who combines the research, analysis, modeling and strategy development of a traditional consulting firm with the proven ability to deploy, integrate and operate complex infrastructure solutions at scale around the world.

Not only are we experts in the infrastructure on which public, private and hybrid clouds run, but we have the certified engineers, consultants and long-standing partnerships with the leading public cloud service providers, OEMs and ISVs to simplify and accelerate your journey to cloud maturity.

The future of cloud is limitless. WWT will show you how to get there faster.

190+ AWS certifications

100+ Microsoft certifications

50+ GCP certifications

500+ Application developers and architects

1,500+ Infrastructure architects and engineers

300+ Projects completed

$500M+ Infrastructure and cloud investment

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