WWT Cloud Services


Cloud Services: Launch

Prepare for liftoff with cloud

We take the risk out of workload and application migration. Our AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud architects can create a secure environment in any cloud, while our data center and collocation experts can architect non-public cloud environments for optimal performance. But the right architecture is only part of the puzzle. We bring in networking, data management, security and application development specialists who make sure newly architected environments are supported by the right people, processes and third-party tools.

Outcomes and benefits

  • Rehost, refactor or rearchitect your applications and workloads to the cloud
  • Provide new functionality by enriching applications with cloud services
  • Make data-driven decision-making the norm through cloud data analytics
  • Energize your workforce with cloud productivity solutions

Relevant capabilities

New capability development

When you first enter a cloud environment, your initial focus is on a few core capabilities. As you grow, you will need to add capabilities to meet business outcomes.

Workload migration

When your cloud environment is set up, your core capabilities built out and governance in place, it's time to migrate your workloads. You focus should be on prioritization and impact. 

Application rationalization

As applications move to the cloud, they often need to be refactored or rebuilt to make full use of your organization's cloud capabilities.

Cloud productivity tools

The cloud lets teams collaborate effectively, regardless of geographic location. We'll show you how to use the cloud to increase productivity and create better work environments.

Cloud data analytics

Cloud data tooling allows your organization to grow its analytics capabilities in a cost-effective way. We'll show you how to use technologies to remove data challenges and create capabilities.

How mature are your cloud capabilities?