WWT Cloud Services


Cloud Services: Pilot

Accelerate business value by piloting use cases

Our certified consultants, architects and engineers help customers pilot public cloud solutions to prove viability, implement quick wins and monitor results for feedback to inform a wider rollout in the future. WWT can accelerate your time to value, helping you get the most out of your cloud investment.

Outcomes and benefits

  • Iteratively develop and pilot innovative cloud solutions to deliver quick business value
  • Evaluate the functionality and performance of cloud architectures and solutions
  • Build a process of continuous innovation by building DevOps processes into your cloud solution
  • Enhance applications with cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics solutions

Relevant capabilities

Early adopter deployment

Starting a cloud journey with a pilot can be difficult, especially if you need to enforce new standards across the organization. We are experts at helping organizations run pilot programs that prove the value of cloud.

Performance evaluation

Application performance in the cloud is not always a guarantee. Using the right cloud-native technologies and architecture can have a substantial impact on application performance. 

DevOps process enablement

DevOps seeks to increase velocity of the systems development lifecycle. The right skills, tools and processes are key components of effective cloud operations.

AI modeling and data engineering

The elastic nature of the cloud, plus the availability of AI and data-specific cloud service, makes the cloud great place to build your data-centric capabilities.

How mature are your cloud capabilities?