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The Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Services (GEMSS) enterprise agreement is a five-year Army program intended to move the Army from its legacy network solutions to a modern, Zero-Trust network architecture built on software-defined networks enabling advanced security, integrated digital voice and video collaboration, secure remote access to work from anywhere, and modern mobile security. GEMSS will be a one-stop-shop for Cisco network security, software, design and support services, and training.

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Learn about Customer Success Executives and Cisco “Mission” Firm Fix Price Advanced Services Packages 

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Meet your GEMSS Experts at these upcoming Events

World Wide Technology and Cisco experts will be at these upcoming events. Stop by our booth and learn about GEMSS as well as the entitlements are that offered through this 5-year program.   

AFCEA Ft. Bevloir Industry Days

November 3-5, 2021

AFCEA is a professional association that connects innovative people, great ideas and vital solutions to advance global security. AFCEA has developed a network that provides educational opportunities in an ethical forum. This environment enables military, government, industry and academia to align technology and strategy to meet the needs of those who serve. All attendees interested in information technology, cybersecurity, communication and electronics are invited to attend.

AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific

November 8-11, 2021

Keying off this shift, AFCEA International and AFCEA Hawaii have re-named their signature event in the region TechNet Indo-Pacific. By far the largest event focusing on regional defense issues, the conference will reflect the expanded broader Asia view with participation from throughout the area, discussing defense policies and challenges and their relevance to both industry and government through this new lens.

Cyber and Technology Day at Fort Gordon

December 9, 2021

The Fort's 2021 Cyber and Technology Day provides an excellent opportunity for IT, cybersecurity and tactical technology-oriented companies to network face-to-face with the Army's key IT, communications, and cybersecurity personnel.

Cyber, Educations, Research and Training Symposium (CERTS)

January 25 - 27, 2022

AFCEA International will host the Cyber Education, Research, and Training Symposium (CERTS) in Augusta, Georgia, home of Fort Gordon and the Army's Cyber Center of Excellence. CERTS brings government, education, research, and industry leaders together to focus on advancing cyber workforce development, retention, and support.

Army Digital Modernization Events
Upcoming and on-demand events, briefings, and training around the Army GEMSS program
Past Events
Oct 07 2021 8:00 AM

Smart Account Workshop (Morning Session)

1 hr
Virtual Event
Oct 07 2021 2:00 PM

Smart Account Workshop (Afternoon Session)

1 hr
Virtual Event
Oct 14 2021 8:00 AM

DNA Enablement Workshop (Morning Session)

1 hr
Virtual Event
Oct 14 2021 2:00 PM

DNA Enablement Workshop (Afternoon Session)

1 hr
Virtual Event

The Army runs on its networks and modernizing those systems is critical to mission success. The Army, World Wide Technology (WWT), and Cisco developed the Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Services (GEMSS) enterprise agreement to make modernizing simple. With GEMSS, we’ve got you covered: 

  • Networking
  • Services and Support
  • Education
  • Security
  • Collaboration

What is GEMSS?

Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Services (GEMSS) is a one-stop acquisition and support solution for Army IT network modernization. With GEMSS, you can assure your network is secure and ready to meet mission needs, with extended software support for legacy technology; integrated support services to help you modernize your network; and technical support and training to help you employ a modern, agile, and secure software-defined network architecture infrastructure. 

The GEMSS program covers: 

  • Software (DNA, Security, and Collaboration Enterprise Agreement (EA))
  • SmartNet Total Care (SNTC)
  • Software Support Services (SWSS) for legacy software not covered under EAs
  • Customer Success Delivery - Onboarding & Integration with Custom Roadmaps, Accelerator Sessions, Labs, Ask the Expert and more
  • Advance Service Delivery – Support implementation, delivery, and management
    • Onsite resources
    • High Tough Technical Services (HTTS)
    • High Touch Operational Managers (HTOM)
  • Asset Management
  • Education:




Modernizing with Cisco and WWT 

In today’s world, securing your networks regardless of where users operate is an imperative. Through GEMSS Cisco and WWT can help you actualize your organization’s modernization goals and deliver on mission requirements. As a globally leading Cisco partner, WWT is a recognized leader in delivering enterprise-scale technical expertise, support, services and training to government and industry customers.

Customer Success Teams Drive Army Digital Modernization

Army's Customer Success Executives are partnering with you to understand your business, develop a success plan,  and orchestrate the right resources at the right time to execute.

  • Adoption Assessments
  • Accelerators
  • Health Checks
  • Webinars

Plan for success

Our Customer Success Roadmap is tailored to your goals, priorities and need for lab services, adoption activities and EA+ management. Long-term success requires in-depth planning and focused conversations with stakeholders to align internal initiatives to business goals and strategy.


A collection of physical labs, virtualized to create a collaborative innovation ecosystem to design, build, educate and deploy innovative technology products, integrated architectural solutions and digital business outcomes for our customers, partners, employees and communities around the globe.

EA+ from WWT is designed to help you choose the best licensing options for your needs and promote end-user adoption to drive strategic outcomes.

Benefits and value:

  • Simplify your environment while reducing total cost of ownership
  • Achieve attractive volume discounts and predictive cost structures
  • Easily track and manage hardware and software investments
  • Innovate faster using our ATC to replicate your production environment, load test EA software at scale and compare entitlements against existing solutions
  • Benefit from new entitlements quicker by using our Integration Centers to accelerate deployment while reducing the overall risk, cost and complexity

About World Wide Technology

World Wide Technology (WWT), a global technology solutions provider with $13.4 billion in annual revenue, combines the power of strategy, execution and partnership to accelerate transformational outcomes for large public and private organizations around the world. Through its Advanced Technology Center, a collaborative ecosystem of the world’s most advanced hardware and software solutions, WWT helps customers and partners conceptualize, test and validate innovative technology solutions for the best business outcomes and then deploys them at scale through its 4 million square feet of global warehousing, distribution and integration space.

With over 7,000 employees and more than 55 locations around the world, WWT’s culture, built on a set of core values and established leadership philosophies, has been recognized 10 years in a row by Fortune and Great Place to Work® for its unique blend of determination, innovation and leadership for diversity and inclusion. With this culture at its foundation, WWT bridges the gap between business and technology to make a new world happen for its customers, partners and communities.

About Cisco  

Cisco helps seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the unconnected. An integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships, working together to identify our customers' needs and provide solutions that fuel their success.

We have preserved this keen focus on solving business challenges since our founding in 1984. Len Bosack and wife Sandy Lerner, both working for Stanford University, wanted to email each other from their respective offices, but technological shortcomings did not allow such communication. A technology had to be invented to deal with disparate local area protocols, and as a result of solving their challenge, the multiprotocol router was born.