Converged Optical & Packet Network

Simplification, Efficiency, and Cost Reduction Through Convergence

Convergence of the optical & packet networks promises a future of simplified operations, powerful capabilities, and reduced costs.  

Here's how WWT can help.

Start with a Briefing

Not sure where to start?  Our experts can provide you with a briefing overview that touches on everything you need to know about Converged Optical & Packet Networking.  We’ll provide an overview of the major components, an assessment of available solutions, and example use-cases.

Request a Workshop

When you’re ready to take the next step towards a Converged Optical & Packet architecture, our experts can facilitate a workshop that will assess your current network & investments, collaboratively determine your best path forward, and develop action items that will get you on your way.

Get Hands-on

New to IP routing or want to explore how Segment Routing works? Get hands-on experience with our routed transport network lab. From the ground up, this lab walks you through the steps to build a Segment Routing based transport network. Already know the basics? Check out our advanced Segment Routing labs found here. 

Make it Happen

Implementing a converged optical & packet architecture can be a difficult task.  Let WWT help accelerate the time to validate, deploy and migrate your services. WWT has the expertise and capabilities to deliver a complete end to end optical & packet architecture and can ease the path towards migration.

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Converged Explained

What is it? Why use it? How does it work?

Hardware and Software Components

Multiple factors, including distance between sites, capacity requirements, and traffic patterns influence the hardware strategy for a converged optical & packet architecture. The examples below illustrate common hardware architectures used to address various network conditions and requirements.

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TEC37 Carrier Networking E04: Routing and Optical Technologies, Converged

We are bringing back some of our favorite episodes! Tune into this TEC37 rerun to hear our experts dive into routing and optical technologies. Over the past 10 years there have been tremendous advancements in the space. We have gone from large, power hungry 40G and 100G line card-based modules, to today’s extremely power efficient, 400G-ZR+ pluggable optics. By pairing 400G-ZR+ optics with high density, low power routing platforms, we wonder: have the optical and routing stars finally aligned?
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TEC37 Carrier Networking Series E05: Routing and Optical Technologies, Converged - Part II

This is a follow up from a previous TEC37 where we discussed the theory of collapsing the optical network into the routed network. Now commonly known as Routed Optical Networks (RON), fueled by Cisco, this architecture is being promoted heavily in the industry and is picking up steam. Join our expert panel as they discuss the current state of the technology, and what WWT is doing to be at the forefront of its evolution and adoption.

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