IntelliOps - An Intelligent Data Analytics Solution

World Wide Technology (WWT) is pleased to announce the launch of IntelliOps©, an artificial intelligence and machine learning based data analytics solution, that is purpose-built for US State and Local law enforcement agencies.

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), IntelliOps© is a highly secure, cloud-based turnkey solution that provides intelligent, essential, and actionable investigative insights by ingesting, curating, and analyzing data from your siloed sources using built-in data processing modules and machine learning models.

Key Features of IntelliOps

Accelerate Real-Time Updates

Built-in data validation, cleansing, de-duplication, transformation, and curation routines improve data quality and accelerate turning raw data into actionable insights.

Enable Actionable Intelligence

Plug-n-play real-time and batch integration with industry standard COTS products to speed up data collection and ingestion.

Implement Various Policing Strategies & Compliance

Purpose-built data models designed specifically for law enforcement agencies’ unique data and reporting needs.

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Powering Data-Driven Policing for Safer Communities

US state and local government officials are striving to innovate the ways in which they safeguard their cities and protect citizens in real-time. Investing in solutions that complement law enforcement and optimize decision-making through actionable intelligence will transform citizen services and public safety, helping to build stronger communities.

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Providing Data-Driven Law Enforcement With IntelliOps

State and local government officials are seeking a way to better safeguard their cities and protect their residents in real-time, spending less time on infrastructure maintenance and more time focusing on the public safety of our citizens.

To learn more about IntelliOps, speak with an expert or to take advantage of what we have in our labs, please complete our Contact Us form.

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