TIC 3.0 and the Future of Government Networks

WWT is working alongside Federal government stakeholders and leading technology partners to provide a collaborative community designed to accelerate customers’ education, exploration, evaluation, and implementation of modernized Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) 3.0 network security architectures.

What’s Driving the Need for TIC 3.0?

As Federal agencies have adopted cloud, mobile, and SaaS technologies as well as supported a larger remote workforce, their end users, applications, and data increasingly live outside of the traditional agency network boundary. TIC 2.0 and previous iterations of network architectures have focused on securing a physical, hub-and-spoke agency network perimeter leading to network bandwidth constraints, lack of agility, a degraded end user experience, and increasing costs. The TIC 3.0 initiative aims to provide a more modern approach to network security and a better end user experience, giving agencies more flexibility to enforce security capabilities outside the traditional agency perimeter in these dispersed environments.

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Featured Lab

How do I get started?

Many organizations are unsure of how to approach implementing a TIC 3.0 security architecture. Our team of experts can help every step of the way – from understanding key concepts to selecting the right technology – no matter the starting point. Explore below how our phased approach to adopting TIC 3.0 allows organizations to establish a global strategy and technical roadmap. 


The first step is solidifying a TIC 3.0 strategy and assessing the risks and maturity of your current approach. Our team can help your organization lay the foundation for a successful adoption through our lab experiences, briefings, assessments, workshops and consulting offerings. 

Lab Resources

Agency/Branch Office Use Cases

Remote User Use Case


Next, it’s important to determine what’s needed to support your organization’s TIC 3.0 strategy. Our technical design experts can help identify the scope, key technologies and investments needed for a solution. A strategic roadmap will identify the key activities and stakeholders required for a successful journey.


Solution implementation is the next step in order. Agencies often struggle to implement TIC 3.0 because of the amount of complexity, the limitless number of technical variables present in brownfield environments, and a lack of staffing and resources. Our experts can help simplify this complexity by developing a plan that allows for more agile workflows, leading to shorter implementations.


After implementing your TIC 3.0 plan and architecture, it’s crucial to continue optimizing. Our experts can help operationalize, automate, monitor and manage your investment. A properly designed TIC Architecture must include key lifecycle elements — from automation to run books — that ensure operational efficiencies.

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