Connecting Collaborative Teams With WWT Virtual Office

Using WWT's Virtual Office capability allows agencies to reduce the risk of remote work and overcome barriers of physical distance.

Public sector agencies with a distributed workforce are looking to unify co-workers, no matter where they are located, in virtual spaces for more effective collaboration and communication.

WWT now offers public sector agencies a virtual workspace technology with integrated collaboration tools that support peer-to-peer collaboration from distributed locations.

Using WWT's Virtual Office capability—and other integrated tools—agencies can reduce the risk of remote work that requires significant collaboration such as software development by giving its workforce the environment and technologies that overcome barriers of physical distance. 

Team members can work side-by-side in the same online office and even perform pair programming, regardless of location. This ensures frequent and effective communications, interaction, and feedback between team members. Whether internal agency employees, inter-agency teams or contractors, WWT can provide the right tools and processes essential for building a real-time collaborative remote workforce. 

To learn more about WWT's Virtual Office Capability, access the solution brief below.