Using human-centered design to craft irresistibly intuitive experiences

Customer Experience

Brands must work to keep pace with the ever-evolving whims of consumer expectation.


Meanwhile, the digital ecosystem in which we operate continues to grow even faster than consumer desires. We can order lunch just by clicking a button, translate languages in real-time just by speaking into our phones and visit doctors without leaving the couch. Can your brand experience keep pace with the speed of digital?

At WWT Digital, we paint a clear picture of your consumers' digital ecosystems and expectations. We walk along their journey maps, interact with their many screens and imagine what they want their future to look like. Backed by this research, we know the essential elements of an intuitive experience before we even write a single line of code.

What We Do

Strategy before execution

The strategy behind a meaningful customer experience often gets pushed aside to start executing on the vision faster. But we believe strategy is a critical component of every experience. Starting with a carefully crafted strategy — one that looks at the overall customer journey instead of each app and experience in isolation — we can build something we know your audience will use from day one. And because our hybrid design researchers excel at both strategy and execution, we can accelerate design times to save you months.

What We Do

Frictionless experiences

When experiences are not tailored to the expectations of today's customers, they simply move on. We can help by seamlessly integrating your mobile applications with business systems. Plus, with our wireless networking expertise, we can build customizable, captive wi-fi portal screens for increased activation of mobile applications. This helps your customers seamlessly transition between digital and physical interactions with your business.


Accelerate business outcomes

Design strategy can often be blinded by a singular focus on consumer needs. But even the best customer experience can be a failure if it doesn't connect to a key outcome. Our process always keeps your business objectives in mind. We follow a Venn diagram featuring one circle with your customers' wants and needs, and an overlapping circle with your business objectives. The overlap is where we find success.



Streamline service design

Creating multiple ways for customers to interact with your brand puts pressure on your employees. Moreover, the disconnect between business leaders and the IT department within organizations often creates a blurred understanding of technology objectives. The brunt of this disconnect often falls on workers, who are ill-equipped to meaningfully collaborate and meet the elevated expectations of modern consumers. We can help you anticipate how different customer experiences will effect operations.


Reinvigorate experiences

You've put time and effort into creating an experience for your customers, but for some reason or another it falls flat. We can help you assess why consumers aren't engaging and recommend changes that will get you back on track. We can also connect the right data points for them to accelerate product growth.




Data-driven insights

Everyone has Google Analytics, but properly wielding the power of data to improve customer experience is a different story. Having the correct and accurate data accelerates your ability to go from hypothesis to validation. We build all of our interfaces to be adaptable and adjustable to maximize consumer insights.




How We Help

We don't just dream up customer experiences, we execute them.

By merging the knowledge of a software company with the practicality of a hardware company, we can assess and optimize every facet of your customers' journey. 

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you connect with consumers — today and in the future. 

Strategy + Execution

Our services

Consumer experience solutions

  • Improve user metrics
  • Increase user activation, engagement and loyalty
  • Reduce friction points in your customer journey
  • Increase adherence to treatment plans
  • Meet current consumer expectations

Service design solutions

  • Create employee efficiencies
  • Increase employee collaboration
  • Improve recruitment and retention
  • Optimize resource and staffing management and allocation
  • Reduce employee training costs
  • Reduce employee turn-over

Consumer experience vertical expertise

  • Retail
  • Grocery
  • Quick-serve restaurants (customer & back-of-house experiences)
  • Healthcare (patient experience)
  • Convenience stores (customer & back-of-house experiences)